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What is Tendonitis?

About Tendonitis
Tendonitis is one of the most common problems that is seen in an orthopedic office.  A tendon is the portion of the muscle that attaches to the bone.  We have tendons throughout our entire body.  If the tendon becomes irritated and inflamed it is called tendonitis.  The most common joints that we see in practice […]

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Low Back Pain

Also known as lumbago, low back pain is one of the most common problems that everyone faces sometime in their life.  The pain can be mild or debilitating. It can occur in young patients as well as the elderly.  It can develop slowly or occur after an activity or accident.
The spine is composed of three […]

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Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a very common, but debilitating, problem that we see in our orthopedic practice. It occurs when the shoulder capsule thickens and becomes tight. This will then cause adhesions to occur with subsequent freezing of the shoulder.
Causes of Frozen Shoulder
There are several causes of frozen shoulder such as Diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, cardiac diseases, Parkinsonism, […]

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Partial Knee Replacement with Mako

Many people live with disabling knee pain due to osteoarthritis.  This condition is caused by cartilage wear from the ends of the bones that meet at the knee joint.  Initial treatments for this problem often include anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, and activity modification.  Unfortunately, none of the treatments can actually replace the cartilage.  In fact, […]