Types of Surgery

ACL Injuries: New Technique

Severed ACLs Are Regrown Without Using Grafts

Anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) often tear on the sports field, and after a complete rupture they are notorious in their difficulty to get to heal.

On Wednesday,  April 6th, doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital announced that they have succeeded in reconnecting ACLs in 10 patients using a novel technique.

Their preliminary […]

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP

PRP, which is the abbreviation for platelet rich plasma, has been in the news for a number of years. It is often associated with a high profile athlete who has received it for a variety of different reasons.  Most of the conditions it is being used for are tendonitis and sprained knees. The reason for the […]

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ORIF: What is it?

Open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF)
ORIF is one of the most common terms used in orthopedic surgery.  It is used when we are describing how a fracture is treated.  Fractures can be treated in several different ways depending upon the alignment, location and age of the patient.  The simplest way to treat a fracture is […]

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Partial Rotator Cuff Tear: New Treatment Technique

Rotator cuff tears are a common occurrence in adults over age 40.  It is estimated that somewhere between 25% to 50% of the all adults have a partial rotator cuff tear. Most of these are not symptomatic.

Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms
If you have pain which  is worse at night, and it is difficult to lay on […]

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Patella Tendon Injuries – Case of the Week

The patella tendon is a continuation of the quadriceps muscle. It spans the distance from the bottom of the knee cap (patella) to the insertion point on the tibia. The quadriceps and patella tendon work in unison as one mechanism to extend the knee.
Common Ways to Injur the Patella Tendon
Injuries to the tendon can occur […]

Partial Knee Replacement with Mako

Many people live with disabling knee pain due to osteoarthritis.  This condition is caused by cartilage wear from the ends of the bones that meet at the knee joint.  Initial treatments for this problem often include anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, and activity modification.  Unfortunately, none of the treatments can actually replace the cartilage.  In fact, […]

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) is a type of orthopedic surgery which uses plates, screws, or rods to restore broken bones.

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation Explained
Open reduction indicates that surgery is required to fix the fractured bone, and internal fixation implies the usage of hardware (screws, plates etc.) to hold the bone in place. […]

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